A town full of history, a culture colorful and tradition . located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. Limited in the South by Canovanas , Carolina and west to the east by the Rio Grande and north by the Atlantic Ocean. The urban area of town is also known as "Loíza Aldea".

Loíza "Capital de la tradición"It is known as "The capital of the tradition, " "The Santeria" and "coconuts ". According to the 2000 census, its population was 32.537 loiceños. It is organized into neighborhoods, Canovanas, Loiza Aldea, Mediania High, Mediania Low , Torrecilla High and Low. The patron saint is St. Patrick, however, the festivities of the municipality is engaged in Santiago Apostle. These are one of the main attractions, especially the participation of the typical vejigantes. Loiza is one of the few places in Puerto Rico where African heritage is expressed through culture. Here are strongly conserved Afropuertorican music (Bomba and Plena).

bandera LoízaLoiza flag has three stripes whose inner edges are wavy, as the town of Loiza is a coastal town and these give the impression of the arrival of the waves at the seashore. The first strip of red, has a bell tower in yellow. The bell represents the religious faith of the people of Loiza. The colors red, gold and green are the legacy of the Spanish people and of religious faith in Ireland.

escudo LoízaThe equestrian figure of St. James, proclaims the devotion to the Holy rooted from all loiceños, especially during festivities surrounding the July 25. The wavy stripe represents the Rio Grande de Loiza. The ancient crown, symbolizing the Luisa cacica . The flames are emblem of the Holy Spirit, the giver of the seven gifts and holder of the old church of Loiza. The clovers represent St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland and Patron of the population.