Grupo folclórico Majestad Negra

Majestad NegraThe Folkloric Ballet Majestad Negra of Piñones at the city of Loíza, Puerto Rico, ascribed to the Puerto Rican Culture Institute and IOV member, is part of the cultural programs of the Corporación Piñones se Integra (COPI).  Majestad Negra is the only folkloric group for children and youth of Puerto Rico, interpreting different rhythms of Bomba, such as Sicá, Yubá, Holandés, Seis Corrido, amongst other vibrant rhythms of African influence.  Additionally, it counts with talented musicians that have distinguished themselves as composers and workshop leaders, representing the bomba across Puerto Rico and theworld.

Emancipation Commemoration, Santa CruzMajestad Negra has presented itself in different activities and settings in Puerto Rico and outside of it. Some examples of this are: The National Day of Bomba in Loíza, San Patrick Festival, Bomba & Plena Festival (2004 and 2006-2010), Tito Puente Amphitheatre, Acrópolis, San Sebastian Street Festival, religious, private, and educational activities, and the 6th Festival of Afro music and dance 2007, in Provincia of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. These activities in which Majestad Negra has presented itself demonstrate that Puerto Rican Bomba is sufficiently attractive to entertain and enrich the local publics intellect, as well as spectators from other cultures, ages, and languages. Also, Majestad Negra has had the privilege of sharing the stage with artists from the rank of Angel Luis Torruella, William Cepeda (from Loíza), and the Folkloric Ballet of Los Hermanos Ayala.

Fiestas de la Calle San SebastianMajestad Negra’s show presents images from the cultural reality and the contribution of the afro-descendants in the island. Its representation counts with colorful attires composed of gentlemen, crazies, elderly, and vejigante figures that enter the presentation inviting the audience to take part in the spectacle.