Piñones, Puerto Rico

Just minutes away from the San Juan Metropolitan Area, the community of Piñones an extraordinary array of cultural, natural, archeological, gastronomic, and recreational treasure.  Piñones is a home to generation of families who have lived in the community for more than 400 years.  The community also reflects the richness of the island’s Afro-Puertorrican culture and traditions, especially in the form of music, food and crafts. 

Piñones, Puerto RicoIt also has an incredible diversity of coastal and marine ecosystems, including the largestmangrove forest in Puerto Rico, estuarine lagoons, canals swamps and marshes, seasonally bioluminescent waters, native coastal forest, sandy beaches, sand dune formations, coral communities, and seagrass beds. All these ecosystems serve as habitat for numerous threatened and endangered species. Piñones is also the custodian for more than 120 archeological sites, some of them considered one of Puerto Rico’s oldest archeological remains.

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